3 Types of Interior Lighting Design

To achieve the best lighting plan for your home or office or just any form of interior setting, you need to consider combining different types of interior lighting designs. Depending on your intentions and attainments, it is very important to consider the three most suitable types of interior lighting designs, which include:

  • Task Lighting
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Accent Lighting

Instead of using one type of lighting and expecting it to do everything, why not mix and match different types to meet specific needs.

  1. Task Lighting

This type of London lighting design is perfectly suited for areas like the living room, personal study rooms, kitchen areas, home office, and such like places. The lighting they illuminate is perfect for delicate issues that require clarity and perfect lighting. Some examples of task lights include:

  • Under-cabinet lighting to provide the lighting for the countertop
  • A table lamp in the living room
  1. Ambient Lighting

This can also be referred to as the general interior lighting. It provides what you can consider as an overall illumination for any room. The lighting should be uniform in every angle of the room. The most common types of ambient lighting include:

  • Ceiling mounted lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Wall Scones
  • Floor lamp torchieres
  • Cove lights
  • Valance lighting
  • Soffit lighting
  1. Accent Lighting

This type of lighting is specially installed to highlight certain objects in a room. They help to draw more attention to the focal point of a room. If you are looking at making a given object the focal point of the room such as a sculpture, an artwork, bookcases, or even some plants, the best lighting to use is an accent light. The most common type of lighting option used to achieve accent lighting include:

  • Track lighting (with adjustable fittings)
  • Recessed lighting
  • Contemporary designer sofas.


When planning the lighting design of a room by fci Interiors, you should always consider three very important types of lighting designs, which include ambient, task and accent lighting. Combining them will help you achieve the perfect interior lighting.

studio for filming

With the improvement of technology, most scenes that you see on TV were filming in the videography studio, even the once that you would swear were filed outside. It is just easier more convenient it saves money on traveling and it is the videographer is not expected by the changes of the weather. The important thing, however, is to choose the right studio for hire, this, of course, depends on numerous of facts in this article we will seize on filming a short music video.

Location of the studiostudio for filming

If you are based in London, you definitely want to choose a good location of the studio as it would be very inconvenient for people to travel a great distance for once day of the shoot. There are numerous photographic and videography studios in central London that is available for one week or even just for a half of day. This will give flexibility. Me personally I hire the studio for a twice as much time as I think I will need. That gives me enough buffer in case something goes wrong, or if the things just slow down for some reason, and trust me, there’s always something that goes wrong.

Size of the studio

It is crucial to what size of the studio you need. for a small production 900 sq ft, it would be efficient for a studio in central London of this size I would recommend visiting https://www.69dropsstudio.co.uk/ and hiring a session. However, if you need something bigger in London, the best option would be to the filing in a professional filming studio in London. The prices are much higher than the small 900 sq ft studio, however, there are green screens that you can use for your filming, so it really depends on what’s the plan for the project.

Relocating to New Home

Moving to a new home does not need to be as stressful as it can be and there are many things that you can do to reduce the workload on yourself so that you can get on with other things and plan your new home.

One of the things that you can do is get some professional help in the form of a local house clearance company or removal company to help you out.

By doing this, all of the heavy lifting and boxing up will be taken care of. You will not have the need to purchase packing items like tape, carboard boxes and bubble wrap to protect your valuables and glass items.

You will need find out how much stuff that have to move to the new property. This will enable the company doing the work to give you a fairly accurate quote for the work.

The best way to start is to separate everything into groups. You will need a section that you are taking with you, a pile that needs to be thrown out and if you have anything that is useable but not wanted you can ever recycle, or give away to a charity organisation. You may even want to sell some stuff for a bit of extra cash.

house clearing company

The best way to find a competent removal company would be to use the search engines to find a company that is local to you.

Get a few quotes beforehand and judge which gives you the best value for money. You will also need a date for the move that everything has to be completed by.

Videography can improve your brand

Many people understand the importance of story telling in order to capture their audience and build a brand, however not many people act on this knowledge.

  • Here are some tips on how to use video to build your brand

If you have a Company social page, you should be posting a video at least once a week. The reason for this is that your audience will always be thinking about your brand, and when they need your service they will know exactly where to find you. You might be thinking that sufficient method for this is to publish a blog post. This for probably true in early 2000 but with modern technology producing a video has never been so easy, the other thing is that people’s attention span has decreased to just a few second. That means that no one will read a blog post. The best way indeed is to create a short attention-grabbing video.

    • If you’re sure how you should make a video like that I’ll give you some advice.

      If you know absolutely nothing about filming a video and you still want to do it yourself, watch this tutorial.

If you have resources, the best way would be to hire a professional videographer who knows exactly how to create videos like this. The benefits of working with professional are that they do everything for you. From choosing the location, getting attention grabbing girls to the video… Yes, that’s correct, of you want to have a cool video you need to have some sexy models in the video.
The best way to get those models would be to hire a professional actors, from a modeling agency, or if your content is a little bit more adventurous you should hire high class escorts, as these girls will not shy away from the camera when it comes to doing the more intimate scenes.

YourWelcome – Smart device for Airbnb Hosts

The obtrusive world of Airbnb welcomes YourWelcome smart device. Created for Airbnb hosts to make the stay of their guests worthwhile, it offers better interactions between hosts and their guests. If you are an Airbnb host and are interested in earning more from renting your space, then this device is meant for you. It is an individualized system that works according to your individual needs as a host.

YourWelcome Features

Some unique features that makeYourWelcome smart device unique include:

  1. Calculator: In the case where you would like to find out how much you can make as an Airbnb host, the calculator comes into play. You need to enter the location of your space, the size, and any additional information to get an approximation of how much cash you could make.
  1. Video Recorder: At times, your guests might need to check in to your rental space while you are not around. YourWelcome has a video recording feature that allows you to make an instruction video guide to your home. Here, you can give your guests a tour of your home making it easier for them to interact with the home.
  1. Pre-Installed YourWelcome Software: The service offers Airbnb hosts tips the capability of providing their guests with the services that they need. Such services include:
  • Taxi services
  • Takeaway services
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Tickets, etc.
  1. Options to Sell your Service: With the device, you get an easier way to sell your specific Airbnb host services. You can upsell checkouts that are late, offer tourist ticket sales, cleaning services, essentials and much more with your subscription. What’s more, the payments can easily be done via your tablet device.

What You Get for The Subscription

With a subscription of just £9.99 per month, you get an 8” tablet with a stand, a charging plug, and an extra long cable. You are also given the YourWelcome software which is easyto install on the tablet. If you would like privacy and safety for your information on the device, you can easily lock it to guest mode and the guests cannot see what they are not meant to see.

The setup instructions for the app are simple and can be done by anyone. You don’t have to be tech savvy to set it up. Within five minutes, whether you have ever installed anything on a tablet before this dayor not, your device will be ready for use.


The YourWelcome smart device is revolutionizing the Airbnb hosting industry. With it, your guests can easily make their way around, get essential services and make payments through the device. The beauty of it all is that it is available at the click of a button.