FCI Showroom: Luxury Furniture Showroom in London

Are you lover of for quality, luxurious and contemporary furniture? Have you been looking for contemporary furniture to furnish your home with? If yes, then FCI London has you sorted out.

Our showroom has a variety of both indoor and outdoor furniture. Our furniture showroom is 20,000 square foot and showcases designs from over 700 globally recognized brands and designers.

Why Choose FCI Showroom?

  • fci-London-ShowroomFCI has a variety of furniture all under one roof. If you are looking for furniture for your living room, kitchen, study room, and bedroom, FCI showroom is here for you. There are numerous designs for all kinds of furniture you are looking for.
  • For instance, if you are looking for sofa sets, at FCI you will be spoilt of choices. We deal with designer furniture brands, at affordable prices.
  • Our furniture is carefully designed and made from high quality materials. We also have furniture from some of the worlds top brands.
  • Our FCI London showroom is open every day. This means that you can do your shopping any day of the week that is convenient for you.
  • Better still, our website features the images and latest photos of our furniture; you can effectively do your shopping if you do not have time to physically visit the showroom.
  • FCI has over 30 years experience in selling high quality, designer furniture. You do not want to spend a fortune buying furniture from a store that does not clearly understand the art of furniture. The 30 years FCI has been operating is enough testimony of why you should trust us. If you do not want to gamble with your money in the name of buying furniture, FCI showroom is your best bet.

Some of the popular furniture featured in the FCI showroom

Interior Design Services;

As stated earlier, we have a team of experienced interior designers. We offer a variety of services in a commercial and residential construction project. We set wallpapers, install lightings, installation of curtains and blinds, floor treatments home cinema, painting and any forms of art. If you are looking for interior designs that are just out of this world, FCI is just a phone call away.

Contemporary Sofas;

A comfortable sofa is a must-have for any living room; the living room is where we spend most of our time watching TV or just relaxing. Your living room creates the first impression of your house, for this reason, the sofas and furniture should just be luxurious. There is a wide variety of leather and fabric sofa sets in our London showroom. If you wish to shop for sofa sets from our showroom, it is advisable that you take more than 8 photos of your living room; these photos will enable our interior design experts at the showroom to help you decide the sofa sets that best suit your living room. It is also good that you accurately get the measurements of your living room, so that you get the correct size of sofa.

Bedroom Furniture;

We have contemporary beds and wardrobes for your bedroom. We know that the bedroom is one of the most loved rooms, so comfort is a must-have in the room. At FCI London, there are hundreds of beds for sale. Better still, if none of them interests you, we can custom design and build a bed with a headboard that suites your needs. We showcase beds from top known brands such as Logo Beds, Italia Beds, Naustro beds and Banaldo beds.

Contemporary Kitchen furniture

The Kitchen is one of the important areas of your house. You need the right furniture in your kitchen to enable you have an easy time preparing food. Besides, there are a lot of accidents that happen in the kitchen. The situation is worsened if the furniture in the kitchen is not original or durable. Our designers of kitchen furniture at FCI have been designing and fitting kitchen furniture for over 20 years now.

Well organized kitchen furniture motivates you to lead a healthy lifestyle since you will frequently have the psyche to prepare homemade foods

Contemporary lighting

fci-LondonMany a time, people do not see lighting as an important factor to consider while putting up houses. For this reason, a lot of houses are poorly lighted. FCI has a variety of brands of pendants and chandeliers. Decorative lightings sold at our FCI London Showroom will be very instrumental in creating the warm ambiance in your house.

In conclusion;

Do not hesitate to give FCI London a call for all your luxury furniture needs in London and UK in general. We deal in genuine and durable luxury furniture, all at affordable prices. Were offering g nice discounts this festive season; enjoy discounted prices each time you shop from our London showroom between today and Christmas. For more details, kindly give us a call on +44 020 8961 7780.

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