How to Dispose of the Wastes safely

How To Dispose Of The Office Wastes Safely?

Whichever industry you are involved in, from an office-based company to business, they all produce some waste. It is essential to ensure that your office waste is disposed of safely and adequately for a more sustainable environment and future. In this article, we will see how to dispose of office waste safely? Below are a few tips to get rid of office wastes and reduce office waste by recycling more.

1. Composting


The collection of organic wastes to recycle is a part of a waste management plan to prevent more wastes from landfills. Organic waste is a valuable source of composting to produce soil fertilizers. This will improve the soil quality and can reduce soil erosion. Collecting organic waste will increase the diversion rate of an organization and help you reach zero waste. The things that you should start collecting from your waste are:

  • Food trash
  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Teabags and coffee grinds
  • Compostable plates and cutlery.

2. Make A Green Team

Make a Green Team

Start a green team of employees in your office to specify clear goals for the office recycling program and waste reduction initiative internally. It would be best to create a timeline to decide how success can be monitored and measured.

3. Recycle The Electronic Equipment

Recycle Electronic Equipment

Since technology is evolving every day and so some items need to be replaced. And collecting electronic waste is an integral part of the office waste recycling program. The unwanted electronic items are e-wastes such as computers, printers, cables, and CDs.

4. Sort Waste Safely

Sort Wastes Safely

It is essential that your office waste disposal method is up to mark as you should be responsible for sorting and storing wastes in a very secure manner. The garbage should be stored separately in suitable containers. Different types of trash should be stored in separate containers to make sure you recycle and reuse the correct materials.

5. Waste Transfer Notes

Every non-hazardous waste that you remove from your business premises needs a consignment note or waste transfer note. This is only to confirm that the company that disposes of your trash can safely handle and dispose of it. By UK law, you are bound to generate a copy of a waste removal company that you are working with, and the consignment note should be kept in your records for about a year.

6. Examine Waste Carrier

Any company that transports, buys, sells, or disposes of wastes must be registered and licensed to do so. And it’s your responsibility to ensure that your waste carrier is licensed before appointing them for your office waste disposal. Luckily, it’s straightforward to check whether your waste carrier is registered or not. Plus, you can also look for their license on the company’s website.

So these are a few tips on how to dispose of office wastes safely? After reading this article, we hope that you will be able to get rid of your office waste safely and securely. Check out for Office clearance in London.

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