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Top 3 T-Shirt Brands Around The World

Can you really imagine that once upon a time, man actually never used to put on clothes! Its only with time that he saw the need to protect himself by wearing leaves and animal skin. Thousands of years later, clothes are more than just a form of covering; they are fashion, they are style. T-Shirts in particular have evolved over time and they continue to be so popular today across both sexes. Over the years, major brands have come up and in this post Deal Voucherz has picked 3 of the leading T shirt brands across the world;

top tshirt brands

  1. Gucci; there are few clothing brands that are as easily recognizable as Gucci, the Italian clothing giant. Although they deal in fashion and general leather goods, Gucci T shirts are some of the most popular casual wears across the world. Gucci is still associated with an element of status symbol; its authentic and very original. In the list of the Worlds most valuable Brands, Forbes has ranked Gucci as number 38 globally.
  2. Armani; this is another top T-shirt brand that has been idolized and lionized by Hollywood legends. Emporio Armani is a fashion line that makes among other things, perfumes and designer dresses. Youre likely to catch the top Hollywood stars in an Armani T-shirt than say Nike, or other equally famous brands. Needless to say, they are costly and original Armani apparel always has luxuriousness ingrained in it.
  3. Ralph Lauren; Ralph Lauren is a heavyweight brand in the world of fashion and clothing lines. The brand focuses its attention on luxury and they pride themselves of having dressed famous personalities. Ralph Lauren is popular not just with celebrities but also world leaders and other prominent people. If youre looking for a unique and respectable brand that silently attracts attention, then Ralph Lauren is the brand for you.

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