In 2020 we all saw how different industries and companies had no knowledge about the virtual world. Even schools and colleges shifted to online platforms so that their students do not have to suffer from their studies and their future is not in danger. Though the online medium has been proven efficient among the youth there are some drawbacks to the same.

Online platforms have been useful in saving resources like the electricity of the institution, traffic on the road, school supplies in case of any school institution, and many more things. The most compelling factor of the online platform is that everyone can work from their comfort of home where one does not have to worry about getting ready on time and catching a train or bus.

But as they say, every platform has many drawbacks, the online platform has some too. Since we are talking about magic and how traditional magic is different from virtual shows, we have included some compelling arguments that we think are pretty important in deciding what is better:

To begin the differentiation, we first have the feel of a traditional magic show. Now you may wonder how does feel of the show is included in this differentiation. Well in any traditional show, one has the experience of being at the place with strangers around just like in a theatre where many people have a different experience of the same movie.

In a traditional magic show, it is just the same. Every magician creates a fun environment where different people have a different experience with the same magic trick. Some may feel happy while some may get excited about the trick. But in a zoom magic show, the trick may take a while it gains some friction with the audience.

In the second part of differentiation, in a traditional magic show, there are lights, a camera, a stage, and many tools. On the stage, the magician performs with ease and also does different stunts that excite you with every move. Unfortunately, in a zoom magic show, there is limited space for the magician to perform. Even though he/she does, the viewer has limited view due to different screen sizes.

The magic tricks that are performed by the magician during a traditional show are intense that include different audience viewers. This increases the engagement of the show which results in a fun show. But this cannot happen during a zoom magic show as the audience is on their personal screens. The audience cannot get a close-up view of the magic trick that the magician performs.

Last but not least, though the zoom magic show may sound less compelling than a traditional one, it does have its benefits. One can easily log in to the zoom magic show rather than fighting traffic and come sweating to the venue of the magic show. One can easily eat and drink in their home and enjoy the show at the same time!

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