EE signal-Boosting for your network

The internet has been a revolutionary development in business like no other. It allows employees to share files, organize meetings, create schedules, and many more. The reliance on the internet implies that companies with faster speeds are more productive.

So far, EE has been a leader in network solutions for businesses. It adopts the latest network boosting strategies to ensure seamless business operations and productivity.

Here are some of the EE boosters business network boosting solutions to consider:

Indoor Coverage

Your business premises needs a reliable connection for all your communications. The indoor coverage t into any office set up irrespective of the floor design or set up.

The office signal box is a solution that connects up to 16 people in an office. You can also opt for custom made office solutions depending on your office needs.


Are you struggling with your phone signals yet you have wifi? You don’t need to worry anymore. EE has a solution that allows you to make calls and texts over wifi connections.

Just like standard texts and calls, wifi calling allows you to use your device for connection without additional charges. You also don’t need any unique apps to access the service.


4G + is the best solution to make your business processes faster. With download speeds of up to 90mb/s, you can easily download huge files, hold teleconferences, and share information among employees. EE looks to boost these speeds to reach 260mb/s using the 4G EE.

Like with wifi-calling, you don’t need any individual apps or increased billings to get 4G plans. All you need is a 4G compatible phone and let EE signal booster handle the rest.

Why Choose EE Mobile Signal Booster

Now that you know of the signal boosting for your network, you might be wondering if it’s the right solution for you. Here are the reasons to consider signal boosting for your network:

  • Ease of adoption – You don’t need any unique apps or devices to adopt signal-boosting for your network.
  • High-quality services – EE is ISO – 9001 certified and works under strict regulations.
  • Affordability – increase in signal-boosting does not mean an increase in cost.
  • Convenience – You don’t have to leave the comfort of your office to look for signals anywhere else.


The easiest way to beat your competition is by adopting the latest strategies and solutions. Being an industry leader, using EE Boosting for your network ensures your company has the fastest and most reliable solutions.

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