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Pat Testing - Learn more about the pricing and the regulation | Spear Studio
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Pat Testing Cost

Pat Testing Cost

If you own a property in the UK then you may well have read or been told about the recent changes surrounding regulations involving electrical safety. The Electrical Installation Condition Report has now become a requirement for rental properties but what about the testing of your appliances?

If you want to learn more about how this could potentially affect you, as well the PAT Testing cost and the benefits of having it done then you should take a read of our easy to read PAT Test guide!

PAT testing cost

Ok, so let’s start with what PAT Testing is

The PAT test is short for Portable Appliance Testing, which is sometimes referred to as a PAT Inspection. It involves the process of inspecting portable electrical appliances for any obvious faults, defects or damage that could potentially be hazardous and lead to an accident.

The testing itself comprises a visual inspection of the electrical equipment and any attached flexible cables to ensure their condition is fit for purpose for adequate condition. Where needed, the inspector also checks for earthing continuity and also the soundness of the insulation between the parts carrying current and any exposed metal that could be touched by the user.

Occasionally, the appliance will only need reduced testing, which is commonly known as a PAT Insulation Test. Following the test, each appliance will be marked with either passed or failed. Best health and safety practice recommends that a record of the test results is kept for future reference.

PAT testing in UK

I’m looking to sell my property, do I need a PAT test?

If you are a private homeowner then you do not need to have the testing carried out, regardless of whether your intention is to sell or not. However, for both your peace of mind and good health and safety practice, it is recommended that you do so.

What about landlords and rental properties?

For landlords, the PAT testing cost is not something you need to factor into your expenses as it’s not legally required for rental properties. However, if you are a landlord, you have a legal obligation to ensure that any of the electrical appliances that you provide in the property are safe to use for tenants. Landlords should not forget that you will now require an EICR Report if you wish to start a new tenancy – For further reading on that subject, please read one of our other helpful guides.

Who can carry out the testing?

If you have been checking the PAT Testing cost then you may have noticed that not all of the inspectors are qualified electricians. The regulations state that the test must be performed by a competent person. This is someone who has had the relevant PAT test training by attending a health and safety course. The majority of electricians offer PAT testing, providing they have the relevant testing equipment. For your peace of mind, however, it is recommended that you appoint a fully qualified electrician to carry out the testing.

Can you tell me what the benefits are?

Absolutely! Firstly, you will improve the levels of safety. When you have a routine of regular testing you will dramatically reduce the chances of one of your appliances catching fire, in either your home or place of business. If you schedule regular appliance testing then you are also reducing the level of risk that your appliances pose to either your family, customers, or tenants.

In addition to increased health and safety, a PAT test will also please your insurance company. At present, it is estimated that around 15% of all domestic fires throughout England and Wales are caused by electrical faults. Often, a single broken cable is the leading cause! Should you experience an electrical fire, having proof of PAT testing will increase your chances of settling your insurance claim. A successful insurance claim easily offset the initial PAT testing cost, so why not?

PAT inspection

Where can I book my PAT inspection?

Now that you are aware of the regulations and the benefits of portable appliance testing, the next step to finding out where you can search for the most competitive PAT testing cost. For all of your home services needs, look no further than MyConstructor and their simple booking platform.

You will get access to a nationwide network of fully qualified electricians so you are guaranteed to find someone local. Read reviews from previous customers, check availability, and view fixed price quotes for your PAT Testing. All you need to do is click here, type in your postcode, and then select the number of appliances to need to have tested. Once you have found the best PAT testing cost in your area just choose the date and time that suits you, and book online 24/7!

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